IAHR World Congress 2019
Water – Connecting the World


September 1-6, 2019


Spouses and/or any other relatives travelling with delegates can join the Accompanying Persons Programme. By signing up for this programme you can choose for a single day activity (cultural tour) or register for the complete package.

It is important that delegates register their accompanying person as to ensure their participation is confirmed. Simply choose the Accompanying Persons Programme activity when you register for you as a conference attendee.

Please note that this programme is only open to persons, who are 18 years of age and older. This programme is only for accompanying persons only. Delegates cannot apply for these activities.

Accompanying Person should be limited to 1-2 persons per participants.

For more information regarding requirements to travel to Panama, please visit:

Requirements for people travelling to Panama on a touristic status:

    • Everyone must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validness from the date of arrival to Panama until the expiration date of the document.
    • NO one way tickets are allowed. All visitors must have round trip tickets by the time they arrive to Panama.
    • Capability prove to cover expenses during visit.
  • VISA
    • Check in the VISA information section about list of countries that require this document and how to proceed.