Pre-Congress Workshop

  1. Workshop on Nature Based Solutions

 Nature Based Solutions for water management are increasingly becoming a viable alternative to traditional (‘technical’) solutions in water management. Working with natural processes rather than against them allows for better adaptation to a changing climate and the related water management challenges caused by this. Especially for flood management natural processes such as water retention in upstream catchment areas and the development of coastal and riverine wetlands can help combat the expected changes in flood risk. Also, other Nature Based Solutions to improve e.g. urban challenges related to climate change, droughts and related low flows and water quality issues in rivers can be thought of.

We invite you to a special workshop during the IAHR world congress in Panama in which the potential for Nature Based Solutions are further explored. We will specifically focus on the Middle and South American situation, but of course taking examples from the larger international community as a means to make more professionals in the field of water management aware of these new developments.

Dr. Ellis Penning

Expert on Nature Based Flood Defences and Ecohydraulics, Deltares

Workshop on Nature Based Solutions’, Tuesday 3rd of September 14.00-17.00.  Registration for the workshop is mandatory and free of additional costs, as a maximum number of 40 participants be hosted. You will be informed one week before the conference if you can be admitted to the workshop.

Please send request to registration on this mail:

  1. WORKSHOP – Civil Hydraulic Structures CFD Modeling with FLOW-3D

Flow Science Latin America is glad to invite you to our CFD workshop which will be held at the IAHR World Congress in Panama. The aim of this workshop is to enhance the knowledge around civil hydraulic structures CFD modeling as well as complex free-surface flows modeling using the state-of-art technique TruVOF. The workshop language is Spanish.

The FLOW-3D Workshop is designed to deliver focused, hands-on, yet wide-ranging instruction that will leave you with a thorough understanding of how FLOW-3D is used in key water infrastructure industries. You will explore using hands-on examples, the hydraulics of typical dam and weir cases, municipal conveyance and wastewater problems, and river and environmental applications. You also will be introduced to more sophisticated physics models, including air entrainment, sediment and scour, thermal plumes and density flows and particle dynamics. By the end of the day, you will have set up six models, absorbed the user interface and steps that are common to three classes of hydraulic problems, and used the advanced post-processing tool FlowSight to analyze the results of your simulations. This one-day class is comprehensive yet accessible for engineers new to CFD methods.

All workshop attendees will receive a 30-day license of FLOW-3D.

Workshop value: US$150.
Includes: 30-days License of FLOW-3D, usb memory stick with learning material: videotutorial, examples, simulations, attendance certificate, beverages, coffee break and lunch.
Date: Thursday September 5.
Duration: 7 hours.
Language workshop: Spanish.

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  1. Water Security:  Identifying key áreas of vulnerability and enhacing resilience. Applying Visual Thinking to Support strategic Positioning in the Face of “Black Swans”

Lead Presenter

Dr. Anthony Masys,Associate Professor and Director of Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance and Homeland Security in the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. A former senior Air Force Officer and defense scientist for the government of Canada, Dr. Masys is the Editor-in-Chief for Springer book series: Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications and is the author/editor of numerous books pertaining to complex disasters, disaster forensics, resilience and critical infrastructure analysis.

Guest Speaker

Ing. Ilya Espino de Marotta, Chief Operating Officer and designated Deputy Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority will join us for the launch of the first IAHR YPN (Young Professional Network) Panama Chapter.

Workshop cost:  $60.00 per person
Includes: Lunch

Day:  Sunday 1, September, 2019
Duration:  4:30 hours.

For payment please request information at this mail:

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