Special Sessions

  1. Ocean Outfalls
    Organizers: Dr. Philip Roberts and Dr. Robin Morelissen
  2. Nature Based Solutions in Water Management
    Organizer: Dr. Ellis Penning
  3. Large Scale Experimental Facilities for Ecohydraulic Research
    Organizer: Un Ji
  4. Recent advances in air-water flow modeling techniques
    Organizer: Dr. Daniel Bung
  5. Urban Drainage
    Organizer: Dr. Juan Pablo Sánchez.
  6. Transient in Pipes
    Organizers: Dr. Silvia Meniconi and Dr. Moez Louati
  7. Sustainable Water Resources Planning and Management Under Climate Change
    Organizer: Dr. Ramesh Teegavarapu
  8. Coastal Reservoirs
    Organizer: Dr. Shuqing Yang
  9. Low-lying coasts under climate change and anthropogenic pressures
    Organizer: Dr. José F. Rodríguez
  10. Sustainable Water Storage to meet Water, Food, and Energy Development Goals
    Organizer: Dr. Mário Franca
  11. Climate Change Impact Assessment on the water cycle
    Organizer: Dr. Roberto Ranzi
  12. Flow-vegetation-sediment interactions: Advances in incorporating natural plant features in hydraulic experimentation and modeling
    Organizers: Dr. Juha Järvelä
  13. Advances in Tools, Methods and Modeling of Water System Operation
    Organizer: Dr. Xiaohui Lei
  14. Advances on tsunami modelling and characterization
    Organizer: Dr. Daniel Conde
  15. Riparian Vegetation Processes: Focused on Causes and Effects and Modeling
    Organizer: Dr. Hyoseop Woo
  16. Non-intrusive measuring techniques for free-surface and pressurized flows
    Organizer: Dr. Rui M.L. Ferreira
  17. Instrumentation and modelling tools to mitigate flood risks associated to dam and dike failure
    Organizer: Dr. Sílvia Amaral
  18. Tribute to the late Forrest Holly
    Organizers: Dr. Scott C. Hagen and Dr. Larry Weber
  19. Hydro-environment Engineering Projects. Key studies
    Chair by: IAHR representative or engineering consulting firm
  20. World Water Policy
    Chair by: IAHR President