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Programme for Young Professionals:

During the 38th IAHR World Congress in Panama a number of activities and benefits for students and young professionals will be conducted. All registered Young Professionals are invited to participate!

YPN Technical Tours:
The YPN technical tours will be held on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 with 2 different options:

  1. Miraflores Dam and Madden Dam in the Panama Canal:

Miraflores Dam is a concrete dam that creates the small Miraflores Lake. The Miraflores Lake is located between the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal. The main purpose of Miraflores Lake is to maintain a minimum draught for the ships transiting between the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks.

Miraflores Dam and Spillway

Madden Dam is a concrete dam that creates the Alhajuela Lake. The Alhajuela Lake was created in 1935 with the purpose of assist the Gatun Lake with water to be used in the ships transits and in the municipal consumption of Panama City.

Madden Dam and Spillway

2. Panama Bay Sanitation Project:

This Tour gives the opportunity to understand and discover about the Panama Bay Sanitation Project. The Treatment Plant of Sanitation Project of the City and the Bay of Panama is located in the south east area of Panama City, in the area of Juan Diaz. The sanitation of the City and Bay of Panama is a state project aimed at solving the problem of wastewater in the capital of the country, discharged into streams, rivers and other tributaries, which produces high environmental pollution and generates risks of health for the population.

Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Panama Bay Sanitation Project

To register to the visit please send a mail to:
Due to capacity limitation you will need to reserve before August 15, 2019

YPN Night:

The YPN Night will be held on Tuesday, September 3, after the technical tours, in the Casco Viejo, Panama City’s historic old quarter. Buses will take participants to the Fifth Centenary Square, at the entrance of the Casco Viejo. From there the participants will be guided to a variety of restaurant and evening places in the Casco Viejo, among them: Casa Jaguar, El Viejo Santana, Beauty and Butcher, Casa Casco, Blue Moon and El Social.

Fifth Centenary Square at Casco Viejo

Evening at Casco Viejo

YPN Social Corner:

A permanent meeting space will be reserved for YPN members for socialization, study and discussion of common projects.

YPN Talks:

Specific talks addressed to the YPN community will be held during the Congress.

  1. Exploitation of pump-and-treat remediation systems for characterization of hydraulic heterogeneity. Milano 1, 2  Friday from 11:15 to 12:00
    By: Yuanyuan Zha, first prize winner of the Academic Paper Contest for Youth in Water. This contest was held during the 2018 CHES (Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society) Annual Conference in Nanchang, China
  2. “How to write good papers for JHR and other Scientific Journals”. Berlin 1 Monday from 17:00 to 18:30
    By: Mohamed Ghidaoui, JHR Editor and Professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong, China.
  3. “The Global Water Community: Opportunities for Scientists and Engineers”. Milano 1, 2  Friday from 10:30 to 11:15
    By: Christopher George, Chief International Consultant at Hohai University, China and Former IAHR Executive Director.

YPN General Assembly:

Room the Sixth  Tuesday from 18:30 to 20:00

More activities will be shortly announced!

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