IAHR World Congress 2019
Water – Connecting the World

Security Warnings

September 1-6, 2019.

Panama is a low rate criminal environment but crimes do occur. So take normal precautions such as:

  • Not walking alone at nights.
  • Do not wear heavy jewelry and carry only the necessary cash.
  • Take only official hotel and airport taxis (in Panama Uber and Cabify are available).
  • Beware to carry hotel and police numbers with you.
  • If not expecting visit or room service beware to whom you open the door to.
  • Keep your personal belongings in safety box in hotel room.
  • Always carry your passport in pocket, handbag or back bag.
  • It is recommended that you know the address and phone number from your country’s embassy in Panama.
  • If you feel threatened in any way try to seek help and approach crowded places. The most common police uniforms and patrol units are identified with the word “POLICIA” and have distinguished dark blue and white colors.
  • Try not to buy in unformal commerce. Panama has no regulations or controls on any legal products so any legal product you can find in an unformal commerce you can find it in a formal one too. Always go with formal and legal option.
  • Panama has laws. Some can be similar and some different from your country of origin. Keep in mind that ignorance of the law does not exempt compliance.