About CHES

Who we are

CHES is founded as the first water academic group of modern China by hydraulic pioneers in April, 1931. After 87 years’ development, CHES has now become a nationwide non-profit membership organization with over 86,000 individual members, nearly 200 institutional members, 36 hydraulic engineering societies at provincial level, 40 professional committees, 9 working committees, and 4 China committees of international organizations. It’s one of the most significant water organizations in China with the longest history and a perfect organizational structure.

What we do

CHES is mainly engaged in think-tank building, academic exchange, water science popularization and international cooperation. To support the government in making water policies and solving water problems, CHES has been developing and managing water-related standards, conducting water scientific achievement evaluation, launching technical survey and consultancy and publishing high-quality water publications. Water Expo China is initiated and organized by CHES, supported by the Ministry of Water Resources and approved by the Ministry of Commerce. It’s a comprehensive platform for water exhibition and business negotiation.

CHES has always valued international cooperation. By joining important global water institutions like WWC, IAHR, ICID and IWRA, CHES has participated in global water events and got its voice across the world. CHES has also built friendly partnership with water organizations in some countries including Korea, Japan and Canada. CHES is now enlarging its friend circle and is open to all friendly collaboration intentions.