Granada, Spain

IAHR World Congress, 2021

From Snow to Sea

July 4-9, 2021

Congress Organising Group


Dr. M. Losada

Dr. M. Ortega
IAHR  Representative

Elsa Incio
Responsibles of Themes

Dr. A. Baquerizo

Dr. M. Díez
Peer-review coordinators

Dr. A. Baquerizo

Dr. M. Díez
Workshops coordinators

Dr. A. Moñino

Dr. M. Clavero
Technical visit Coordinators

Dr. A. Moñino

Dr. J. Martín

River and sediment management
Dr. A. Millares

Extreme events and flood management
Dr. L. Nanía

Environmental hydraulics and industrial flows
Dr. E. Sánchez

Coastal, estuaries and shelf management
Dr. M. Díez

Urban water cycle
Dr. J.M. Poyatos

Water resources management and climate resilience
Dr. M. Bermúdez

Computational and experimental methods
Dr. P. Ortiz

Hydro-environment engineering culture
Dr. A. Millares