Granada, Spain

IAHR World Congress, 2022

From Snow to Sea

19-24 June 2022

National Organising Committee

 Name Organisation Position
Leonardo Nanía — Chair University of Granada Associate Professor
Luis Balairón — Chair IAHR-CEDEX Director of the Hydraulics Laboratory
Agustín Millares University of Granada Associate Professor
Angel Muñoz General Directorate for the Coast and the Sea Deputy Director for the Protection of the Coast
Belén Benito Canal de Isabel II Director of Operations
Carlos Manuel Escartín General Directorate for Water Technical Advisor
Elena Martínez Bravo INCLAM Deputy Head of the Hydrology and Hydraulics Dpt. – Consultancy
Enrique Gutiérrez CETAQUA Andalucía Manager
Ernest Bladé Polytechnic University of Cataluña Director of the FLUMEN Institute
Federico Sánchez Emasagra General Manager
Fernando Delgado Andalusian Regional Government Director General for Planning and Water Resources
Francisco Cabezas Euro-Mediterranean Water Institute Foundation Director
Francisco José González-Méndez/Miguel Ángel Gamarra Port Authority of Motril Director/Organization Manager
Gerardo Landaluce Algeciras Bay Port Authority President
Ignacio Cuerva Grupo Cuerva Director General
Javier González University of Castilla La Mancha Associate Professor
Javier López Lara/María E. Maza Fernández Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (University of Cantabria) Head of Coastal Hydrodinamic and Infrastructures Group/Postdoctoral Researcher
Jerónimo Cejudo/Antonio Jesús Zapata College of Agricultural Engineering Dean of the Andalusian Division
Jerónimo Puertas University of La Coruña Full Professor
Joaquín Andreu Polytechnic University of Valencia Full Professor
Joaquín Páez Guadalquivir River Basin Authority President
José Entrena Deputation of Granada President
José Roldán University of Córdoba Full Professor
Juan García Suez Water Spain Director General
Juan Naves IAHR Spain Young Professionals Network President
Juan Ojeda TYPSA Head of the Water Resources Department
Luis Castillo Elsitdié Polytechnic University of Cartagena Associate Professor
Luis Castillo Cano-Cortés Ayesa, Engineering and Architecture Head of Hydraulic Works
Luis Garrote Polytechnic University of Madrid Full Professor
Luis González Municipality of Granada Deputy Mayor
Manuel Romero College of Forestry Engineers Dean of the Andalusian Division
Miguel Ángel Arrabal INCLAM Project Director Dpt. – Consultancy
Ramiro Aurín Water Engineering, Management and Governance International Consultant
Ramón Gutiérrez The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) Secretary General IAHR
Rocío Díaz Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and Generalife Director General
Sergio Arjona Andalusian Regional Government Director General for Water Infrastructures
Tomás Ángel Sancho General Directorate for Water Head of Service in the Subdirectorate of Public Domain and Infrastructure