Granada, Spain

IAHR World Congress, 2022

From Snow to Sea

19-24 June 2022

Confirmed Pre-congress


1. Mathematical modelling ...
Mathematical modelling in the integrated water cycle. From modelling to decision-making

Organiser: Canal de Isabel II

This workshop will provide an overview of the different mathematical models that are used by Canal de Isabel II (Madrid’s public water utility) for problem solving in the different phases of the integrated water cycle, including:
– Pressure flow in pipes: Water supply models.
– Open channel flow in pipes: Urban drainage models.
– Surface runoff flow: Two-dimensional flood inundation models.
– Sediment transport and water quality: Two-dimensional sediment transport models and diffuse pollution models.
– Water circulation in complex installations: 2D and 3D CFD finite volume simulations
– Multiphase infrastructures: Lattice-Boltzmann based model for biological reactors and settling tanks
The role of these models in decision-making will be discussed by means of real cases.

2. Numerical modelling ...
Numerical modelling of flood hazard (with the software Iber)

Organisers: Universidad de A Coruña, Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya, Universidad de Granada and CEDEX

This workshop will be focused on the numerical modelling of flood hazard in rivers and urban settlements. The participants will use the 2D model Iber ( to learn the main steps of a flood hazard simulation. The workshop will be mainly practical. Several study cases (including river flooding and dam break flows) will be used to explain the main aspects that need to be considered when modelling a river inundation, including input data requirements, geometry and mesh generation, definition of numerical parameters and analysis of model results. Dam break flows will also be treated.