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By: Salvador Borges-Neto, MD

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Henry/Sarah Clark Otto E/Maude Widup Noah E/Emma Lucas Thomas/Stella Shields Willard Lee/Mettie Mary Fansel Charles Cleveland/Dorthea Jane Neill Dennis/Myrtle Webb Cecil/Lucille Davidson Charles/Linnie Frances Crum Charley/Lina Crum Charles/Lina F Crum Morris R/Martha Lois Mood D E/Lydia Crum J L/Lena E Hale Leonard Lewis/Susa Iona Green William/Nancy E Hodges Walter/Helen N Taylor Ben O/Lura A Barrett C C/Dorothy Jane Neal William S/Lora M Worley Frank H/Della Adams Gilbert/Ina Bolin David/Laura Stout David/Nettie Hinkle David/Nettie Hinkle Harvey/Minnie N Cross James H/Sarah E Back James/Sarah Back Donn/Nettie Hinkle Frank H/Della Adams William T/Hattie Johnson Guy Albert/Mary Frances Lanam Henderson/Marie Mullen Norman/Mary E Jenkins Henry Lee/Jesse Irene Jefferson C/Eliza Towbridge William/Catherine Frye Marr Date 07/28/56 6/4/37 11/5/39 10/28/39 6/5/22 11/1/41 02/10/59 04/05/47 08/06/49 08/09/47 10/11/1911 10/28/1915 07/14/56 10/29/39 7/3/26 02/11/56 12/20/1915 04/02/54 02/14/1920 6/9/44 02/27/1915 11/16/1912 01/25/58 04/15/1913 11/28/34 8/20/23 10/6/28 03/11/48 12/22/1917 8/27/34 10/07/1916 04/17/1907 02/02/52 10/11/1913 09/06/1916 2/11/31 03/29/1918 1/2/35 Bk/Pg 39 479 25 595 27 178 27 167 18 322 28 166 42 454 32 193 34 223 32 442 13 385 15 324 39 462 27 173 20 298 39 234 15 356 37 611 17 239 29 613 15 168 14 089 42 017 14 234 24 264 19 066 21 361 33 111 16 330 24 201 16 002 11 470 36 196 14 371 15 563 22 417 16 387 24 293 Monroe County Marriage Records Index, 1906-1960 Bride Name Brown Wilma Martin Phyllis Ruth Donelson Carolyn Jane Frasier Betty Heaton Lois June Branam [Ramage] Goldie Anderson Agnes McCue Mildred James Ruth Singleton Thelma Smith Mary C Woodbury Martha Keutzer Betty Pace Patricia Gregg Gertrude Fleetwood Agnes Barger Lois M Arvin Donna Sue Crawley Shirley Dillman Alice Anna Koontz Shirley Ann Loomans Josephine M Simonel Emillien J Carter Ada Ping Blanche Crum Mary Lee Johnson Ethel Julia Huss Mabel Viola Keasley Madelyn L Davidson Dorothy B Vanarsdel Ruby Clemons Hattie May Herman Juanita Burnside Freda Jean Bride B/D Bride Parents 07/12/25 Joe/Betty Webb 02/13/37 James Edward/Cary Mae Jackson 07/30/36 5/28/97 05/31/28 01/14/87 4/18/03 8/20/07 12/15/11 7/21/22 3/7/12 05/19/24 05/21/28 Vernon Cecil/Juanita Elida Zwengel James/Nacy Hildebrant Fordyce Melvin/Stella Blanche Corbin Eddie Branam/Ida Florence Bennett Howard/Rosa Cline Jack/Minnie Glover E A/Josie Amelia Easton Roy/Violet Cantrell Fred B/Frances Philip John Lettellier/Beatrice Stevens Groom Name Gray Jack Gray James Irn Gray Jerome A Gray Jerrell Gray John Norman Gray John R Gray Kenneth Gray Kenneth Gray Kline C Gray Lester Gray Lorenza Gray Ned Gray Richard Gray Robert Gray Roy Gray Sam Gray Sam A Gray William Fred Graybeal Jacob Henry Grayson Chester G Grayson John David Graziani Charley Fosti Graziani Frank Fasti Greathouse Ira Greathouse Virgil Green Byron Green Ezra Green Fred Green James E Green Jasper H Green Jerry A Green Jesse Arnold Green Milton K Green Raymond F Page 188 Groom B/D Groom Parents 11/20/27 Arlo B/Lena E Hammuel? Assessment the in-coming interns take a pre-test of their knowledge about palliative care during orientation. The need for comprehensive planning In areas where the government takes little or no action to stem flooding issues, individuals will take actions to protect their properties. Professor of Neurology [2002; 1988], Professor of Neuroscience [2002; 1992], Professor of Oncology [2002; 1992] Beth L. Warrington, Jill S Warrington, Sarah Greenleaf Warshaw, David Michael Washburn, Lisa M Waterman, Benjamin D. For example, the tax swap scenarios (5 and 6) use the carbon tax revenue to reduce other distortions in the economy. One option for pricing carbon in the United States would embed a carbon pollution tax within a broader tax reform or budget deficit reduction package. In your eyes these empty arms of mine these foolish things these Foolish Things Remind Me of You Gordon, Mack Santly, Jos. The 4-H and Vocational Agriculture Livestock, Home Economics, and Crop Judging contests held the day after Roundup brought as many as 2, 000 young people and their leaders to the Station. The medical school admissions process overemphasizes didactic achievement compared to 2724 Byhoff et al. Branscombe, Gena Alfred, Roy Wrubel, Allie Leslie, Raymond Berlin, Irving Appleton, Jack B. For patients with these features, referral to a nephrologist for further diagnosis, including the possibility of kidney biopsy, should be considered. When you have a task that requires a lot of thought, how often do you avoid or delay getting started? The study of science basic to the practice of medicine begins in the First Year with four months of Foundations courses, including Foundations of Human Anatomy, Scientific Foundations, Clinical Foundations and Foundations in Public Health: Epidemiology, Ethics and Health Care Systems. Renoprotective effect of the angiotensin-receptor antagonist irbesartan in patients with nephropathy due to type 2 diabetes. Since 1969 both wheat and sorghum research has been funded from state funds supplemented by various grants. The Green New Deal will run through 2012, while the long-term strategy will continue to be pursued through five-year green growth plans; the first of which is implemented from 2009 to 2013. Tests / oral exams Seminars (paper/project - presentation: written and/or oral) Activity and participation up 50points 5(five) (F) 51 to 60 points 6(six) (E) 61 to 70 points 7 (seven) (D) 71 to 80 points 8 (eight) (C) 81 to 90 points 9 (nine) (B) 91 to 100 points 10 (ten) (A) 70 points 10 points 17. In addition to integration, our national health system has been exploring a broad array of value-based Facilitators of Potential Improvements in Care There are opportunities to overcome the barriers to effective care to improve the well-being of people who are coping with mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and medical care conditions. I want to stress to the Advisory Committee that any changes that are made to the Rules must keep one paramount consideration in mind: the ability of litigants to fully engage in the Discovery process. We recognize that the State of Oklahoma has significant obligatory expenses which must be addressed. Imprint Title Composer1 Composer2 Composer3 Lyricist1 Lyricist2 Lyricist3 Arranger Publisher Publishing Place Publishing Date Notes smc smc smc smc smc smc smc smc Day after forever Day after forever Day by Day Day by day Day dream Day Dream: Ballad Day Dream: With Violin obligato Day Dreaming Van Heusen, Jimmy Van Heusen, Jimmy Schwartz, Stephen Cahn, Sammy Goodrich, Florence A. Some machinery manufacturers tried to devise attachments to create dams within the lister furrows, but most of those early machines were not satisfactory. Our researchers in the field of pain medicine are nationally recognized, and in all areas we have significant and increasing external funding. It also "hid the marketing nature of the trial from participants, physician investigators, and institutional review board members" (Hill et al. Fred Frontiere, Dominic Greer, Jesse Parish, Mitchell Bergman, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Lamb, Arthur J. Boston 1874 Imprint Title Composer1 Composer2 Composer3 Lyricist1 Lyricist2 Lyricist3 Arranger Publisher Publishing Place Publishing Date Notes smc smc smc smc Golgotha Golondrina Golondrina = the swallow Golondrina = the swallow: transcription elegante Gomen-Nasai Couchois, G. Their teaching activities range from bedside teaching, formal lectures to the residents, and participation in national and international conferences. Stern, McKinley, Carling, Foster Washburn, Country Carling, Foster Washburn, Country Hamblen, Stuart Lee, Dave Root, Frank K. Jenkins Sons Music Compan Rainger, Ralph Sigman, Carl Paramount Music Robbins Music, St. The fifth target of this recommendation, which covers drug samples, presents difficult issues. Readerswhowishto comment on the Standards of Care are invited to do so at professional.

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Liberating A1C goals in older adults may not protect against the risk of hypoglycemia erectile dysfunction while drunk suhagra 100mg with amex. Technology use should be encouraged during a national emergency During a national emergency medical erectile dysfunction pump purchase suhagra 100 mg on-line, technology can contribute greatly to erectile dysfunction treatment on nhs order 100 mg suhagra ensuring continued court functions beer causes erectile dysfunction order online suhagra. Patients should also be assessed for treatment adherence and potential adverse effects of therapy. Purposes of the curriculum (competencies): Etiology, epidemiology and significance for human pathology, social psychological and economic effects of sexually transmitted diseases, the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, diagnosis and treatment 11. The Republic of Korea should further promote a process of broad-based dialogue and consultation with a cross-section of all stakeholders in order to generate the necessary public support that could prove to be essential for the success of such transformational public policies. Culturally appropriate health education for type 2 diabetes mellitus in ethnic minority groups. Opportunities are available to participate in ongoing clinical and laboratory research projects and to participate in the design and execution of new projects. The selection of the awardee will be made by a Committee composed of Basic Science and Clinical Faculty members on the basis of an essay in medical science submitted in competition for the award. Immediately after the birth of the baby, stop to assess the amount of fluid in the under-buttock calibrated drape. Roberts, Theodore Oliver Ditson, Imprint Title Composer1 Composer2 Composer3 Lyricist1 Lyricist2 Lyricist3 Arranger Publisher Publishing Place Publishing Date Notes smc smc Vagabond king waltz: waltz hugette Vagabond King Waltz: waltz Huguette Vagabond king: selection Vagabond of the sea Friml, Rudolf friml, Rudolf Hooker, Brian Hooker, Brian Henry Waterson, Famous Music Corp. Ideally the exemption would not be a pass/fail threshold, but would give partial credit for actions that are significant but less than "adequate". The consent form should include a description of information that will be shared, names of 9 staff who will receive this information, and under what circumstances information will be shared. The offset is made in addition to accounting for behavioral responses to the new tax. It is intended solely for use by the recipient and others authorized to receive it. Imprint Title Composer1 Composer2 Composer3 Lyricist1 Lyricist2 Lyricist3 Arranger Publisher Publishing Place Publishing Date Notes smc Am I Passing Fancy: or am I the one in your dreams? Subjects randomized to take the drugwhich should mitigate withdrawal effects-could outperform subjects on placebo in various assessments of distress. Lamb is currently a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, conducting preclinical studies examining the effects of potential medications on alcohol selfadministration and animal models of alcoholism. Evidence linking neuronal immediate early genes to enduring forms of neuronal plasticity has heightened interest in their role in mediating behavioral alterations induced by drugs of abuse and other forms of brain stimulation. Students are encouraged to follow a few patients closely and report admission and progress information on daily morning rounds which are conducted from 8:30-11:00 a. Franklin, who had been working on alfalfa insects in Manhattan, filled the position. The liquids usually come in small dropper bottles that can be mistaken for bottles containing food dye or eye drops. They installed the external regulation of a profession that apparently had not sufficiently regulated its own conflicts of interest. In 2014, many states restricted access to their state psychiatric hospitals to involuntary patients or patients who have already had an initial psychiatric hospitalization at a general hospital or private psychiatric hospital and, after their initial acute hospitalization, require continuing inpatient treatment. Five-year outcomes of a randomized trial of gastric band surgery in overweight but not obese people with type 2 diabetes. Testosterone replacement in men with symptomatic hypogonadism may have benefits including improved sexual function, well-being, muscle mass and strength, and bone density (85). The resident will have the opportunity to discuss the evaluation of disorders of hemostasis and thrombotic states, flow cytometric analysis of lymphomas and leukemias, hemoglobin electrophoresis, serum and urine protein electrophoresis, processing of bone marrow aspirates, and the evaluation of hemolytic anemias. In addition, brief, validated screening tools for some social determinants of health exist and could facilitate discussion around factors that significantly impact treatment during the clinical encounter. If patients are not taking the medication, the reasons for this should be explored and the barriers addressed. Often these weeds are introduced as contaminants in crop seeds brought in from other areas. These programs provide opportunities for advanced course work and research training leading to advanced degrees. Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine [2008; 1995], Assistant Professor of Surgery [2001] Xinzhong Dong, Ph. Measurement of Blood Flow Velocity in the Middle Cerebral Artery During Spontaneous Migraine Attacks: A Systematic Review. Rosenthal, Harry Greer, Jesse Miller, Madge Marie Barth, Con Wolf, Rennold Sullivan, Alex Klages, Raymond [United States]: A. Lee & Walker Philadelphia 1843 Columbia the Gem of the Ocean smc mki smc mki smc Phelps, E. Rose of Lucerne Rose of memory lane Bernard, Norrie Johnson, Lee Connor, Pierre Horn, C. Herbert, Victor Toselli, Enrico Drigo, Richard West, George Boston Music, Carl Fischer, Boston, Mass.

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Although participants may enter drug court programs to erectile dysfunction drugs dosage purchase suhagra australia avoid criminal penalties vacuum pump for erectile dysfunction in pakistan buy cheap suhagra 100mg line, the process of treatment can help to impotence at 52 buy 100mg suhagra visa instill internal motivation needed for long-term change impotence lower back pain trusted 100 mg suhagra. These supplements are critical if you want to obtain optimal brain health and move toward an UltraMind. Certain patients with insulin deficiency, for instance those with long standing type 2 diabetes, those who have had a pancreatectomy, and/or individuals with cystic fibrosis may benefit from insulin pump therapy. Property casualty insurers are among the most frequent participants in the federal justice system and have a genuine interest in preserving the integrity of a fair, predictable, legal system. Content of the syllabus: Basic German vocabulary, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Punitive segregation inmates are neither allowed to work nor are they permitted to participate in pro grams or education. Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology and Molecular Radiation Sciences [2005], Assistant Professor of Oncology [2005] Nathaniel McQuay, Jr. Nevertheless, the plan is likely to affect public expenditure decisions going forward. With proper planning, these localities may be able to "future-proof" their communities at relatively little cost. Individuals who believe that action has been taken against them in retaliation for raising concerns under this policy, may address those concerns through the procedures described in this policy. From Analysis to Application: Using Multiply Controlled Verbal Behavior to Teach Generalized Question Discrimination to Children With Autism Chair: Judah B. By using anatomical morphological thinking, it is possible to integrate all of these to create the illusion of natural esthetics. Wash thoroughly with soap after the steam or sauna to remove the toxins from your skin Consider purchasing an infrared sauna ( The mean systolic blood pressure achieved in the more intensively treated group was 133. Dr Van Houten is also an avid pilot of power aircraft and gliders and a flight instructor. Effectiveness of groupbased self-management education for individuals with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review with meta-analyses and meta-regression. An Evaluation of Social Skills Groups for Individuals Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder Chair: Sandra L. Therefore, it is reasonable for postprandial testing to be recommended for individuals who have premeal glucose values within target but have A1C values above target. The project may be basic research in a laboratory or practical engineering, related to patient monitoring or other clinical problems. Disadvantages of its use include the large volumes required, the potential for transmission of infective agents and the possibility of allergic reactions. For example, many standardized substance abuse instruments do not adequately identify individuals with substance abuse problems, or are unable to identify individuals who do not have substance abuse problems. Association of initiation of basal insulin analogs vs neutral protamine Hagedorn insulin with hypoglycemia-related emergency department visits or hospital admissions and with glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. Convergent validity coefficients were small with corre lations to the Trails task ranging from. Later, the 50 or 60 steaks first prepared appeared insignificant when compared with the more than 450 steaks on the grill at the same time when the Station hosted a regional meeting of the Kansas Livestock Association. Supervised clinical rotation with full time Wilmer faculty at Green Spring Station. Perry & Son, Tobey Music New York 1944 mki smc smc Brooks march Brother Brother Noah gave out checks for rain Sedalia, Mo. Charles L/Ada Hadley Perry McNeely/Ethel Carpenter Charles C/Margaret Long Jack/Doshia Cox Harvey Helms/Florence Hazel Andrew/Edna Robertson Arvin/Anna Mae Smith Walter/Nora Walls Noah/Rose Johnston William/Yolanda Baskay? Composer 1: Morris, Howard Kekaiohuokal anikiekie smc smc smc I left my heart in San Francisco I left my heart in San Francisco I left my heart in Tennessee General Music, General Music, American Song, New York, N. Additionally, supine blood pressure tends to be much higher in these patients, often requiring treatment of blood pressure at bedtime with shorter-acting drugs that also affect baroreceptor activity such as guanfacine or clonidine, shorter-acting calcium blockers. For example, allowing for remote swearing in of witnesses has worked well in Florida. Intravenous sodium bicarbonate therapy in severely acidotic diabetic ketoacidosis. Boyd Bevious/Kathryn Crane Schyler/Margaret Godsey Donald D/Gertrude Nelson Henry/Margaret Jackson Wade/Ellen McCoy Wash/D Walker Paul Henry/Erma Loretta Brown John C/Nannie V Day Ora/Grace Grissom Frank/Lola De Ford Milton/Rebecca Pauline Baird Harvey Estel/Iva Florence Dewar Groom Name Brinnegar Frederick A Brinson Donald E Brinson Fay Brinson Leroy A Brinson Lloyd Brinson Philip E Brinson Robert S Brinson Rollie Marvin Brinson Russell Brinson William R Briscoe Carlisle Briscoe Samuel Briscoe Walter Briscoe Walter Briscoe Walter Clarence Bristow Eugene K Britton Fred Britton Robert E Britton Troy Brnederle John Brock Alfred A Brock David C Brock Donald Eugene Brock Donald Marion Brock George W Brock Harry Brock James C Brock John Brock Lawrence A Brock Leonard Seigel Brock Martin Brock Robert Harrel Brock Robert Lee Brock Roland Lloyd Brock Roland lloyd Brock Rosco Brock Schyler Broerman Roy F Broglin Albert Baker Page 52 Groom Parents George M/Maria Trogdon LeRoy/Wynona Woodall Edward/Elma Warriner Edward/Elma Warinner Clayton/Flossie Watkins Charles E/Lalia Phillips Harvey/Effie Patterson Rollie T/Edna Mable Johnson Marion/Hattie Russell Alva/Margaret E Gross Samuel/America Clay Henry/Hulda Clark Ora/Hopal Matthew Ora/Hopal Matthew Ora/Hopal Matthew Eugene Bremond/Hope Kerr Earl/Ina Croket Wayne/Mary Ham Thomas/Sarah Rogers Red/Leona Caughman Martin/Mary Fleener Leonard/Dorothy Lanam Leonard/Dorothy Langan? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2006;103(42):15404­9. It was hypothesized that offenders with and without mental illness would deteriorate over time, but the rate at which it occurred would be more rapid and more ex treme for the mentally ill. Applicants for admission must fulfill the following course prerequesites: one year of college level biology (may include quantitative biology or physiology) onesemesteroforganicchemistry differentialequations If you are interested in applying and do not have the prerequisite courses, you may want to submit your application with an explanatory note indicating you have made/will make arrangements to take the prerequisites before you would matriculate (if your application is accepted).

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Because so many conflicts of interest are either prohibited outright green tea causes erectile dysfunction proven 100mg suhagra, require disclosure and consent impotence qigong discount suhagra uk, or are hard to erectile dysfunction after age 50 order suhagra 100 mg manage protein shake erectile dysfunction buy generic suhagra line, avoidance is, all else being equal, the preferred technique for dealing with conflict of interest. The desired actions might take the form of a national commitment, limiting the scope for overall leakage, or sectoral agreements, which would deal with competitiveness related leakage in key sectors. Currently, energy generated from waste accounts for 76 per cent of the renewable energy in Korea. Kashdan will review research in clinical, social, and health psychology that offers insights into the transdiagnostic adaptive value of putting feelings into words. M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I Mississippi bubble: characteristic march and two-step Mississippi bubble: march two step Cox, Lytton Simmons, Billy T. Curb Advertising and Marketing that Encourages Youth and Young Adults to Use E-Cigarettes Unconstrained marketing of e-cigarettes drives consumer demand for these products. Lederer Professor of Pediatric Epilepsy in the Department of Neurology [2002; 1978], Professor of Pediatrics [2002; 1976] Renu Virmani, M. Without regular care, those with diabetes may suffer severe and often expensive complications that affect quality of life. These often include questions related to the risks of using e-cigarettes and whether these products can help people to quit smoking. Funding provided by contributions of current and former faculty, fellows, and house staff of the Department of Radiology. To characterize the harms and benefits of e-cigarettes to public health, models are used to project their overall impact on public health (Levy et al. Clinical usefulness and cost effectiveness of home blood pressure telemonitoring: meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies. Grabbe Music, Davenport, Iowa: smc Jolly darkies Bechter, Karl Theodore Presser, Philadelphia, Pa. Relation of smoking with total mortality and cardiovascular events among patients with diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis and systematic review. Speaks, Oley Pflueger, Carl Bone, Gene Fenton, Howard Oxenford, Edward Gable, Francis J. The organization has sponsored an annual Consumer Rights Litigation Conference for 29 years and an annual Class Action Symposium for 20 years. Assessment Criteria (points /score) up to51points 5(five) (F) 51 to 60 points 6(six) (E) 61 to 70 points 7 (seven) (D) 71 to 80 points 8 (eight) (C) 81 to 90 points 9 (nine) (B) 91 to 100 points 10 (ten) (A) 19. Sunday evening kicks off with a plenary lecture by scientist-turnedfilmmaker Randy Olson. In Sheets, the Court quoted its typical order refusing a petition, which succinctly states that "there is no reversible error in the judgment complained of. It may be tedious to solicit narratives from research subjects and to present what the subjects actually said in the ultimate report to the various interested parties, and it may be time-consuming for readers to examine what patients actually said or to examine even summaries of their discourse. Through rigorous field work to identify and follow up with ill persons and their contacts and innovative and focused epidemiologic analyses, response teams helped demonstrate that the epidemic was more widespread than initially thought and that more extensive and targeted control measures were needed. Apprйciez les sensations de Cliffwalk, une sйrie de sentiers structurйs et suspendus jaillissant de la surface de granite de la falaise. Shoreline erosion (which is driven by a number of natural influences such as sea level rise and land subsidence, large storms, storm surge, and flooding) is typically incorporated into the flood section. Concern over these findings led Congress to include a ban on characterizing flavors for cigarettes, other than tobacco or menthol, in the Tobacco Control Act. The plant breeder, Harold Hackerott, and the entomologist, Tom Harvey, worked together to find resistance to this insect pest, and, certainly in nearly record time, developed and released the resistant variety Cody. But revenues would increase by only 75 percent of the allowance value: the value that the allowance would bring at auction minus the reduction in direct tax receipts that would result from the added cost of production. This back-bending sequence will help warm up your body and bring you from repose to refresh. Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery [2010; 2009] Nathaniel Michael Fried, Ph. The campaign also will work with insurance companies-long-standing allies of the Republican Party, but also a group which must take into account the projected impacts of climate change, such as property damage caused by rising sea levels and increased flooding. Such parameters and indicators should include, but are not limited to; measuring reduction in carbon dependency; reducing ecological scarcity; enhancing resource and material efficiency and decoupling growth and development from depletion of natural capital. Moving further to the right, real government spending is held constant by construction, and exports fall relative to the base case by 0. Canon 6 consisted of three short paragraphs, and although it was fairly unsophisticated and incomplete, it captured the major conflict of interest issues that attorneys face even today. Or, at the very least, what sort of civil penalty could be threatened to leverage settlement? The University campus and those areas of University buildings generally accessible to faculty, students, and staff are considered public places for the purpose of this policy. Wesley/Louisa Roll Stanford/Emma Crouch Arthur/Ethel Moore Stephen/Sulvia Crum Stephen/Sulvia Crum Jackson/Millie May Frank/Phoeba Hays Enoch C/Dollie A Pemberton Jackson/Mellie May Jimmy/Esta Alva/Anna McGlothlin Fred/Maude Hanson Samuel G/Myra Fisher George/Jane Hays Howard/Berdie Southern William Jackson/Millie May Isaac/Sarah Reynolds Groom Name Clemens James F Kelley Basil Nolan Brown Glen F Fox John H Clark Alfred L Allen Roscoe Hannar Bart Francis Stewart Thomas Mercer Wainer Hamm William Elkins McClellan Jr Warner Carlyle Axsom Cletus Jr Elliott Fred Crider Bruce Mathis Orville Lee Deckard Jesse Cox Robert E Denham James Greene Hurst Joseph A Hammann John A Edwards Tom Lawrence Estel Eugene Mullis Elsworth Wiles John Wiles John Jr Arthur Donald Hellenburg James Acton Paul F Fishel Charles Robert Drake Ancil Dale Harden Earl Clifford Lowery Earl Baughman William Duncan Harley R Robertson Paul Eugene Deckard Oscar Hawkins Andrew Page 191 Groom B/D 11/17/1866 09/28/14 10/14/31 1854 07/15/24 7/1/17 9/29/02 08/20/1891 11/20/10 03/24/28 03/23/37 08/01/34 09/30/27 10/26/28 09/18/1895 12/24/17 3/25/05 03/02/39 6/19/91 5/25/96 04/14/33 8/22/87 11/6/21 3/8/12 10/31/35 10/31/35 6/17/24 09/12/1884 12/3/04 9/29/24 06/23/39 12/23/37 8/16/05 12/31/19 09/16/1894 10/14/26 3/6/12 11/03/1880 Groom Parents James/Jane Hogan Ira/Ruth Barnes Lloyd L/Hazel Poling James/Mary Brown John W/Nancy McGlothlin Charles/Bertha Sims John W/Minnie V Norman Henry/Ellen Johnson Zannie/Maude Hays Pete/Leota Syra McClellan/Celia Leona Reeds? The endowment income is to be used to provide assistance to financially needy students in the School of Medicine.

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