Granada, Spain

IAHR World Congress, 2021

From Snow to Sea

July 4-9, 2021

Central theme

From Snow to Sea

Theme 1

River and sediment management

1.a River conservation and restoration
1.b Sediment transport processes and modeling
1.c River morphodynamics and hydraulic structures effects
1.d River sediment management and basin-scale interactions
1.e Reservoir sedimentation

Theme 2

Extreme events and flood management

2.a Flood risk assessment
2.b Urban flood management
2.c Flood mitigation and control
2.d Flood disaster and adaptation measures
2.e Flood recovery and resiliency
2.f Drought Management

Theme 3

Environmental hydraulics and industrial flows

3a. Ecohydraulics
3b. Sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems
3c. Monitoring and restoration of water systems
3d. Sustainable (renewable) energy and hydraulics machinery
3e. Industrial flows

Theme 4

Coastal, estuaries and shelf management

4a. Hydrodynamics, sediments, and bio-morphodynamics
4b. Water quality and pollution: Assessment and solutions
4c. Shore protection and restoration of estuaries
4d. Coastal structures and renewable marien energies
4e. Risk assessment and management
4f. The future of the Mediterranean coasts

Theme 5

Urban water cycle

5a. Urban water and wastewater management
5b. Desalination and water treatment.
5c. Advanced treatment processes for wastewaters.
5d. Water recycling and reuse.

Theme 6

Water resources management and climate resilience

6a. Water resources management under increasing uncertainty
6b. Alternative water resources
6c. Conflict resolution in water management
6d. Advanced water resources systems analyses
6e. Water and circular economy
6f. Inland Water Quality Management and Climate Change Adaptation

Theme 7

Computational and experimental methods

7a. Computational methods in fluid dynamics and hydro-environmental problems
7b. Computational methods in sediment dynamicsç
7c. Computational methods in hydraulic structures and fluid-structure interactions
7d. High performance computing
7e. Big data and data mining under hydroinformatics
7f. Instrumentation and experimental methods. Experimental facilities

Theme 8

Hydro-environment engineering culture

8a. Hydro-environment engineering history and heritage
8b. Hydro-environment engineering terminology
8c. Hydro-environment engineering education
8.d Developement cooperation