Granada, Spain

IAHR World Congress, 2022

From Snow to Sea

19-24 June 2022

Programme of activities for Young Professionals

On the occasion of the 39th IAHR World Congress a variety of activities will be dedicated to young professionals, including the following:

YPN challenge

The goal of the Young Professionals Hydro-Environment Challenge is to promote international and interdisciplinary collaboration among young professionals and academics from institutions working worldwide in the hydro-environment field.  The contest is open to any kind of professional profile working on any of the main IAHR  themes. A number of representative case studies aligned with IAHR themes will be assigned to the participating teams. After a period of web-based collaborative engineering work, each team will have the opportunity to present its project outcomes during the 39th IAHR World Congress 2021 in Granada, Spain. A number of project stakeholders, including universities, companies, and public authorities will be involved in the design and mentoring of the case studies. A jury made up of senior IAHR members and representatives from industrial partners will evaluate the teams.

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Job fair

Within the framework of the 39th IAHR World Congress, the Committee on Education and Professional Development (EPD-IAHR) is organizing a job fair where students, young professionals, and international companies working in the field of hydro-environment engineering and research will be able to meet. The job fair will offer a unique opportunity for both recruiters and job hunters to explore the IAHR labour market, network, and attract and hire top talent.


“Meet and greet with YPN mentors and peers”
Organisers: Technical mentors and coaches of the IAHR Young Professionals Hydro-Environment challenge

Kennedy Award

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And more coming soon!